Tempurpedic and your back sleep

Although one sleeps most healthily on the back, only a few people choose this sleeping position. This may also be because most sleep on a mattress that is unsuitable for the back and suffer from back pain so quickly. Finding the right mattress is very difficult. Most people think that as a back sleeper you automatically need a hard mattress to keep your back stable. But that’s not quite right.


Stability does not necessarily mean equal hardness. A hard mattress, like a soft mattress, can have excellent stability. Stability is achieved through optimal body adaptation. This point is especially important for you as a dormouse. Your next mattress should therefore adapt to your body shape and prevent a false alignment of the spine. For this it needs high point elasticity.

Ultimately, that’s the versatility. It should be stable on the one hand, so that you get a good body support and on the other hand, it must of course be comfortable, so you experience a pleasant sleeping sensation. For this mattresses are particularly suitable, in which as a base layer or as a transition layer firmer foams were used. A stable and harder transition layer can be found for example in the Casper mattress. But you should also pay attention to the fact that in the mattress on high-quality foams, in order to obtain a high adaptability and a pleasant sleeping comfort. Find the best options from the-best-mattress org regarding the same.


It is often very difficult to choose the right degree of hardness because the mattress must not be too hard or too soft. A mattress of medium hardness would be the best choice. As a back sleeper, you must not sink too deeply into the mattress. Otherwise you will very quickly suffer back pain and then very quickly forms a hollow back. On the other hand, it would be fatal if you would not sink into the mattress at all. A little sinking is not only okay, but also desirable. If this is not the case you are laying on a board and your mattress is too hard.

So you should make sure that you do not sink into the mattress, but do not sleep on a stone either. If you follow our 24-hardness scale, we recommend a mattress, which has received from 5 to 8 out of 10 points.